We offer very comprehensive and effective SEO Service where you can see your ranking going up. If you get a large portion of sales through the Internet or try to increase your sales through the Internet, SEO is the way to go and at  $250. Per month. You are looking at a very good deal.

What does SEO service mean?

SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization.” Google will always list websites we build because we set it up with so called meta tags and keywords, which the spider will read and lists (Special computer equipment that read the HTML scripts on the web) . However the number of keywords that will bring up your site on the first page of Google, Yahoo or Bing when someone is searching for it is limited.

Frequent Asked Questions

S.O.E is a system that has been developed to get on first page of the search engines

with a maximum of these keywords. We provide this service at an extra cost because it is extremely time consuming. SEO starts at $225. Per month.

Do I need to do this to let my website come up in Google?

No! Your website will always come up with the domain name and a few keywords on first page. But if it comes up on a larger number of keywords on the first page it will bring more visits to you site.

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